Storybuilding Masterclass gives you the tools needed to create engaging content for your audience.

Storybuilding Masterclass

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Content marketing is a strategic communications discipline that creates loyalty, builds the brand and generates business. To succeed, companies must tell better stories. In this masterclass we show you how to create less (but better) content and achieve tangible results from your marketing.

Storybuilding Masterclass gives you tools to:
• Understand what content marketing can do for your business.
• Find topics that are relevant for your business and for your target audience.
• Create content that truly engages.
• Produce content that creates reach, loyalty and search traffic.
• Choose the right channels, formats and platforms to distribute your content.
• Create content for different parts of the buyer’s journey.

In Storybuilding Masterclass, we use proven theories, Spoon’s own models and current cases to jointly develop a content plan that you can apply in your own marketing.

Who should participate in Storybuilding Masterclass
Storybuilding Masterclass turns to those are who:
• Are responsible for producing content at their own company.
• Want to start a content marketing initiative.
• Want to develop, improve or increase the impact of the content marketing initiatives that your company does today.
• Want to broaden their marketing skills and knowledge.

Course coordinator
Storybuilding Masterclass is led by Björn Owen Glad, Head of Spoon Academy and an experienced international speaker. You will also meet several senior consultants who work at Spoon.

Practical information
This Masterclass runs in several locations. See below for each respective date and city.
Price: 2500 kr (excl. VAT)
The price includes breakfast and all course materials.

Tailor-made courses
Please contact Björn Owen Glad to discuss how we can tailor a course or workshop to suit your specific needs.