Spoon and Norstat have together conducted the first content marketing survey in the Nordic region. A total of 300 marketers in Sweden, Finland, ...

The Current State of Content Marketing in the Nordics [Infographic]

Spoon and Norstat have together conducted the first content marketing survey in the Nordic region. A total of 300 marketers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark participated in the study. The new research offers a snapshot of content marketing in northern Europe. 

On the whole, content marketing as a discipline is established and widespread in the region. According to the study, 76% of the Nordic companies work with content marketing. This figure is somewhat lower than the U.S., where 86% of B2C marketers and 89% of B2B marketers say they work with content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

The Finns work the most with content marketing (84%), but they’re also one of the least successful countries. 11% of Finnish companies say they’re unsuccessful. Only the Danes consider themselves less successful at 16%. According to the research, Swedes work the least with content marketing (67%), but those who do, consider themselves in general to be more successful (52%), the study reveals.

How successful are marketers in the Nordics?

Half of the Nordic marketers claimed that their company was successful, or very successful, at content marketing. Success is largely due to a documented strategy and whether a company measures their efforts on a regular basis. There is a clear connection between the two.

Indeed, Nordic marketers are in general better at documenting their strategies than American marketers. Half of Nordic companies have documented their strategy, compared to 37% of American B2B marketers.

Furthermore, the study reveals that Swedish marketers are the best at documenting their strategy (60%), whereas Finnish marketers are the worst (only 36% say they document their strategy). Perhaps this explains why more Finnish marketers struggle to succeed at content marketing. Norwegian and Danish marketers are in the middle, with 55% and 49%, respectively, having recorded their strategy.

Failure to write down a strategy is still one of the main reasons why businesses fail. Indeed, Spoon’s survey confirms the findings from Content Marketing Institute: you need a strategy, and it needs to be written down.

Who measures the most? 

Norwegian marketers measure their content marketing efforts most regularly (71%), shortly followed by Sweden (68%). Finnish marketers follow up the least with their content marketing efforts (57%); Danish marketers are slightly better (63%).

Overall, Finnish and Danish marketers consider themselves to be the least successful at content marketing. This is mainly due to a lack of documented strategies, combined with a failure to evaluate the content on a regular basis.

Content marketing budgets set to increase in the coming year

The research shows that 58% of the Nordic companies want to increase their spending on content marketing in the coming year. The majority of these businesses has a documented strategy and measure the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts. Not surprisingly, they also consider themselves to be more successful.

Content marketing budgets are also set to increase in the US. According to CMI research from 2016, 39% of B2B marketers and 42% of B2C marketers want to increase their content marketing budgets in the coming year.


To conclude, content marketing is an established discipline in Northern Europe. The most successful Nordic marketers have a documented marketing strategy, measure their results regularly, and are willing to invest whole-heartedly to succeed.

Check out the stats in our infographic below. 

The current state of content marketing in the Nordics: Infographic

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