Creativity is key to producing content that cuts through the noise and makes an impact. But in what ways can your company achieve the creativity ...

How to achieve creative excellence in content marketing

Creativity is key to producing content that cuts through the noise and makes an impact. But in what ways can your company achieve the creativity necessary to succeed with content marketing?  

Creativity is the ability to solve problems in a new way. Put simply, creativity arises as new ideas become valuable insights. When we for instance draw parallells between content marketing and psychology or stand up comedy, we increase our knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Many companies, however, get stuck in what the Heath brothers call ”the curse of knowledge”, that is, you become blind by your own expertise (and business). In those situations, an outsider’s perspective is valuable since it opens up for opportunities that hadn’t been considered before. These new insights provide the right conditions to produce at a higher creative level.

It’s not a coincidence that our work has been praised both abroad and at home. In this article, we’ll walk through how we achieve creative excellence together with our clients. 

Tell real stories

If you read our blog, you already know that we’re convinced that the most powerful content comes from the real world. We use reality-based storytelling to help our clients reach their audience in a way that is engaging, effective and tangible.

In a world of ”fake news”, the audience wants something that feels authentic and relevant to them. But to tell real stories requires courage. Do you have that?

Find your sweet spot

Another important success factor is to create content inside your company’s ”sweet spot”. It’s a unique meeting place where the brand’s knowledge and passion coincide with the recipient’s wishes, questions, and concerns. In your sweet spot you can create content that is relevant and engaging for real. Content that creates loyalty, respect and trust.

Have you found your sweet spot yet? To succeed with content marketing, you want to figure it out. 

Produce less (but better) content

The conditions for gaining attention have changed significantly in recent years. There is less space to work with while there is also a steady increase of content production. This requires that companies publish better content that is well-suited for the audience and the different channels they’re in.

Digital content pollution leads to overwhelm. Let your content be what your audience is looking for and wants to consume.


Creativity is an important part of your content marketing efforts. To tell real stories, to find your sweet spot, and to produce better content is key to raising the creative bar. One thing is certain: content marketing based in the real world is highly effective. How do you take your content marketing to the next level?