Every day, we consume more than one hundred million hours of Facebook video. Audiences yearn for videos, but the battle to earn their attention ...

How to succeed with your next Facebook video

Every day, we consume more than one hundred million hours of Facebook video. Audiences yearn for videos, but the battle to earn their attention is tough. How can you create stories that put an end to the scrolling? This article shares five tips on how to succeed with your Facebook video.

1. Don’t wait with the action

People scroll like never before and few users actually watch the full movie. Nevertheless, many companies still place important messages at the end of their video clips. Important elements, such as calls to action, aren’t displayed until the very last seconds of the video. Your audience won’t always be with you for that long, hence your Facebook video may be less successful.

2. Capture their attention

The first couple of seconds should be considered holy since our video clips need to capture the audience’s attention right away. Dramatically speaking, we need to create expectations and arouse curiosity. Don’t wait until the end of the third act to hit it big. On Facebook, we rarely have the luxury to wait that long.

3. Tempt them

If you work with series formats, you shouldn’t make the mistake of using generic vignettes. If you do, the audience can start to think that eight different videos are the same that are posted over and over again. A classic storytelling technique is to tempt the audience with a piece from the film’s climax or show a highlight from the opening. You might not get any street cred at the royal opera house, but it does the trick.

4. Find the turning points

To keep the audience’s attention, we must follow up with engaging content. We don’t have to discard classical storytelling devices just because we’re making a short video clip. Make use of a story’s conflicts and turning points, and dare to use them to your advantage!

• Where is the resistance in the story?
A good story will always be full of obstacles; a history without any resistance is a boring one. James Bond becomes dull if you take away all the bad guys who keep making life difficult for him.

• What’s the turning point?
Find out the story’s turning points and use them to your advantage. Be aware of your characters’ changing attitudes, when they are about to accept a new challenge or overcome a difficult obstacle.

5. Improve the Facebook video based on data and insight

What works in different channels differs dramatically, and you have to take into account user behaviour and specific technical aspects. Analyse the data and use these insights to improve your Facebook video. If most of your traffic is mobile, you should probably consider a standing or quadratic video format. If your viewer ratings for sound are low, your video shouldn’t depend on the viewer being able to hear what is being said. You need to be prepared to make certain changes based on the data, so keep optimising the Facebook video to make it even more successful.

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