Give your audience one good reason to love you, not hundred reasons to make them think you are a ‘fairly decent’ person  – or company – with an ...

How do you feed the content monster?

Give your audience one good reason to love you, not hundred reasons to make them think you are a ‘fairly decent’ person  – or company – with an average offer. This was one of many tips on how to grow your business, shared at Internet i fokus 2019.

New platforms and technical features are top of mind for many marketers and businesses in today’s digital era. Using storytelling and creative content has also been on the agenda for some time.

But how do you really reach out with your messages? And how can you optimise both your everyday work and the outcome of campaigns?

Well, there is no single answer to these questions – there are many. Here are some insights from Internet i fokus 2019 in Malmö, Sweden.

Insight #1: Make them love you, not like you

To make an impact, there are really only two things you have to focus on: to stand out and to make your audience love you.

Liking a brand, product or person simply isn’t enough anymore. You have to tell stories that truly engage and touch hearts.

By successfully doing this, you can bring the brand to life and get people interested in more stories based on both human and brand values, said self-published author Joakim Hedström while sharing his views on the value of great storytelling.

Luckily, there are a few shortcuts to people’s hearts. Below you’ll find more tips from some of the other keynote speakers at Internet i fokus.

Insight #2: Feed the content monster on the right platform

Traditionally, we think of social media as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what about Fortnight, Twitch and Reddit?

Social media expert Kelley Franklin thinks we need to start by re-defining the term ‘social media’.

“Over the years the definition of ‘social media’ has become quite broad. Companies feel the pressure to be everywhere and they end up getting nowhere. You need to feed the content monster on each platform in the right way to succeed”, Kelley Franklin argued.

Her tips are to list your social media channels and start using each one of them for different purposes.

  • Do an audit. List all profiles, the goals for each channel, learn how your competitors are using their social channels and find out which platforms bring you the most engagement;
  • Explore different platforms. Don’t forget Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, broadcast, channels, groups and bots. Find out if you can use them for PR, CRM and VIP communication;
  • Investigate the potential of communities. For example, Reddit, Twitch and Meetup;
  • Use review platforms to grow your brand trust. Organise and define data to get possible changes implemented more quickly. Trustpilot, Google Review and are all examples of well-known review platforms;
  • Consider podcasts as a substitute for white papers, it could be a great opportunity of storytelling to a specific audience. The format is good for camera shy teams and you need very little technical equipment. Podcasts are also a passive activity, which means your audience can do something else while listening.

To summarise:

  1. Invest in platforms which overlap fans, customers and target groups.
  2. Stop trying to be present everywhere and try something new. 

Insight #3: Simple is everything

We know that marketing departments today work in different ways than just a couple of years ago. But why do some do it better than others? Mattias Andersson, Senior Analyst at House of Friends, shared his view on how CRM and Marketing Automation can help companies grow their businesses.

“Everyone can do campaigns today; the tools and channels are there. We have learned that right timing, defined target groups, creative messages and using multiple channels are the key to success.” – Mattias Andersson

“But how does it work in reality at a marketing department? Often, the marketing departments assume that each and every one of their customers should be interested in one product one week, and another product the next.”

“Once a campaign is planned and produced, it also has to be approved by management on several different levels. This is incredibly time consuming! Needless to say, it doesn’t do any good for the customer journey.”

Instead, Mattias encourages all internal marketing departments to:

  • Start working from a marketing plan rather than a sales plan;
  • Go from working in silos to working in interdisciplinary teams;
  • Focus on the customer journey and make use of marketing automation to reach the right target group, in the right channel and at the right time.

But most importantly; simple is always best, he underlines and uses Domino’s pizza’s emoji campaign as an example. By just tweeting a pizza emoji – with no accompanying text – customers can order their favourite pizza.

“This is truly a one-click service, which always beats several-click services”, he said.

Insight #4: SEO is not dead

No matter how many headlines you might have read stating that ‘SEO is dead’, Michael Wahlgren, founder of the SEO agency Pineberry, begs to differ.

“Google’s algorithms update hundreds of times every year. The way people conduct searches will evolve. The number of searches will keep increasing. That is why SEO is more important than ever,” he argues.

There are a few SEO trends that you can act on right away, according to Michael Wahlgren.

    1. Speed is crucial.
      Google prioritises fast web pages. Keep track of the speed of your own web page by using Google’s tool PageSpeed Insights.
    2. Usage of JavaScript is increasing.
      Using JavaScript on websites is as popular today as Flash was some years ago, and it can generate rendering problems. Use Google Search Console to make easy URL inspections of your website.
    3. Mobile first – always.
      Nowadays, Google looks at the mobile pages to rank a site. Nothing strange about that, as the majority of all searches are carried out on mobile devices. This means that cutting down on your mobile site content is not always your best option. Google loves content and ranks your site on the relevancy of your content.
    4. Structured data is the future.
      How you prioritise your content is crucial for how searchable it is. As new opportunities open up with voice-controlled interfaces, it is also more important to have structured data. To give an example: if someone is searching for a pair of new sneakers by voice search, the search information should be as relevant as possible. 
    5. Optimise for the long tail.
      To find relevant search words are also more crucial than ever. So is optimising for the long tail in order to reach as many as possible. Think SEO – both on a deep and a broad level – to get the most relevant search words.

Summary: Marketing trends for 2019

So, let’s sum up the insights from Internet i fokus. During 2019, these are some of the marketing trends you should keep in mind:

  • Great storytelling will make people love your brand.
  • Try using other platforms than the traditional social media channels – and use each one of them for different purposes.
  • Marketing departments have lot to win to work in interdisciplinary teams instead of in silos. Focus on the customer journey!
  • The number of searches will keep increasing. That is why SEO is more important than ever.