Content marketing could be the answer to advertisers’ problems with ad-blockers.

Good content vs. ad blockers

Increasingly people are using ad blockers to hide traditional advertising banners online. Advertisers are concerned about reduced reach and publishers are concerned about reduced advertising revenue. At the same time, content is more important than ever and content marketing could be the answer to advertisers’ problems.

One way of getting around the problem of ad blockers is to meet users on their own terms. The changing media landscape means that readers now have higher demands and expectations. Christian Dahlborg, CEO of Brand Publishing, believes that ad blockers have both advantages and disadvantages.

“Ad blockers is the bright future for content marketing and native advertising. Content is becoming more important and there will be more focus on the reader. Ad blockers simply force marketers to look for new publishing options,” says Christian Dahlborg.

Content marketing and native advertising demand greater creativity from advertisers. When putting across their message and their story in an engaging way, they need to know all there is to know about the target group and as well as having a long-term content strategy.

Native advertising is a fast-growing form of online advertising. It includes publishing commercial editorial content on a media platform or channel where it blends in with the rest of the content. The reader takes in the content, without leaving the platform. Good native advertising is content that gives the reader added value.

“Native is commercial content that is packaged editorially but still clearly labelled as an advertisement. A clear marking creates trust so the reader does not feel deceived,” says Christian Dahlborg.

Content marketing and native advertising is based on trust. The sender is aiming at building a long-term interest, which can affect customers’ willingness to purchase the company’s products and services.

“Revenues have moved from traditional media to the digital market. Ad blockers are forcing advertisers to find new ways of marketing themselves, and content marketing and native advertising feature heavily. Historically, customers have always contributed to new marketing,” says Christian Dahlborg.

Hanna Elmberg

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