It is no longer enough just to create great content. You need to create fantastic content!

‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough – how do you create fantastic content

Today, more content than ever is being created. For better or worse. While today’s media consumers are reading, listening and watching like never before, they are also being exposed to significantly more poor quality content than previously. In order not to get drowned out in the noise, it is no longer enough just to create great content. You need to create fantastic content!

Remember when digital marketing was all about updating the company website on a quarterly basis? Or when a new article on the company blog every month was a normal publishing frequency? Well, those days are long gone. Today’s consumers expect much more than that. They want good, relevant, interesting and accessible content on the channels they prefer, and they want it frequently. They expect to be able to read, listen, watch, share, and interact anytime, in anyway, and wherever they want. As a marketing professional, it’s all about adapting and meeting – or even better, exceeding – the expectations of consumers.

Each day two million blog posts are published and every hour 36,000 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube. There is no complex analysis required to understand that much of the content created, published and distributed each day is total rubbish. Yet it is this rubbish that you as marketers are competing with.

What does it take to be heard through the noise? The answer is that it requires a great deal. That your content is good enough is unfortunately not enough anymore. It must be absolutely top quality. It must be engaging, relevant and interesting. Therefore, editorial skills and craftsmanship are crucial to your success. You must have the ability to find the right stories, evaluate their importance, make them captivating and package them properly. Your content must be better than anything else and it must reach the right audience in the right way, at the right time and on the right channels.

It requires a greater effort, a better strategy and harder work than before. But if you manage to be heard above the noise, the rewards will be greater. If you can deliver great content to the right audience on the right channel at the right time then you will reach a loyal audience, acquire more followers and eventually create more business.