77 of the 100 most influential people in the content marketing industry are Americans. Why is that?

Is content marketing an American phenomenon?

77 of the 100 most influential people in the content marketing industry are Americans. Why is that? And does it matter?

The American analytics company Onalytica recently published an extensive list of influencers in the content marketing industry. For us outside the US, it offers a pretty bleak picture.

The report states that 77 of the 100 most influential individuals in content marketing on Twitter are Americans. It also shows that 73 of the 100 most influential companies are American.

Why is that?

Content marketing outside the US
Content marketing is advancing fast across the globe. On all continents there are successful companies and agencies, fantastic cases, influential “thought leaders” and lots of knowledge.Yet 77% of all content marketing discussions on Twitter revolve around American profiles.

This can probably have many different explanations. The American market is bigger than many others, English is a global language, the term “content marketing” was coined in the US and Twitter certainly has greater impact there than elsewhere.

But still?

When Content Marketing Awards announced the winner of the “Project of the year” during Content Marketing World in Cleveland earlier this autumn, it was Sainsbury’s magazine that won. A British magazine, for a British company, with the help of a British agency.

At the same time, two agencies – a German and a Brittish – won the Agency of the Year award. Among those nominated were four American agencies and six agencies from other parts of the world.

When the American industry organisation Content Council announces the winners at its annual awards ceremony – Pearl Awards – in New York on November 16, it is a Swedish agency (pardon the self-righteousness for just a moment) who is the pre-favourite contestant with more nominations than any other agency.

Is it a problem?
But is it a problem that the industry is very Americanised? Maybe not. The influencers and companies on Onalytica’s list are all important, influential and worth following. But to marketers outside the US, the perspective becomes too narrow. You use American circumstances that aren’t always applicable to smaller markets with other pre-requisits.

Reverse, it’s obviously a problem if American influencers start a club for internal high fives and knowledge exchanges that don’t include a non-American perspective. Let’s hope that is not the case. And we outsiders must make an effort to get on the list in the future.