Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs recently published their yearly B2B report on content marketing. The American study is in its ...

New research shows what makes marketers successful

Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs recently published their yearly B2B report on content marketing. The American study is in its eighth consecutive year, but this will be the first time we have Nordic results to compare it with. 

The CMI and MarketingProfs yearly B2B study once again highlights the importance of a documented content marketing strategy. 62% of the most successful marketers admit they have a documented strategy, which they follow and update regularly. In the Nordics, half of the companies have a documented strategy.

Small teams (67%) and lack of time (44%) are the top reasons why companies don’t document their strategy, the CMI study reports. The quesion of resources is a recurring theme: those businesses that invest more resources in their content marketing will eventually become more mature organisations that are much more likely to succeed at content marketing.

But what about measuring and ROI?

35% of American B2B marketers measure the ROI on their content marketing. Almost half (47%) don’t do it, while nearly one fifth (18%) are unsure.

Our research reveals that Nordic marketers can get better at measuring and ROI, too. Close to one third of the marketers doesn’t regularly measure the effects of their content marketing efforts. These numbers are cause for concern, especially considering how crucial measurement is to success.

The American study shows that marketers need easier ways to measure their ROI (38%) and more knowledge on how to go about it (27%). If you want to learn more about this important topic, download our guide “The art of measuring: Spoon’s guide to the ROI of content marketing.”

Contributing factors to successful content marketing

So, which factors contribute to a marketer’s success? According to the report, the top three contributing factors are:

  1. Better content creation (higher quality, more efficient): 78%.
  2. Strategy (development of a strategy, or adjustments to it): 72%.
  3. Distribution (better targeting, an understanding of what works): 50%.

The American research shows that the most successful content marketers use ebooks/guides (62%), case studies (47%) and social media posts (43%). Another important factor is that marketers ensure that their content is credible and fact-checked.

Content marketing budgets set to rise in the future

38% of all the B2B respondents expect that their content marketing budgets will increase within the next 12 months. 58% of Nordic companies state that they will increase their content marketing spend in the coming year. In North America, you see that companies which increase their investments create more mature and sophisticated organisations, where content marketing has a greater chance of succeeding.

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