2017 is around the corner and we welcome the new year with a brief review. Here are some of the most popular articles from 2016. Enjoy!

Spoon Academy Highlights from 2016

2017 is around the corner and we welcome the new year with a brief review. Here are some of the most popular articles from 2016. Enjoy!

We have grouped our most popular articles in the following categories to help you with your content marketing efforts:

• Organising your marketing department
• Creating the right content, for the right audience, at the right time
• Taking your content marketing to the next level

Jump to the section that is most relevant to you, or read it all! Make sure you bookmark the page for future reference. Let’s dig in.

Organising your marketing department
Working with content marketing requires new ways of thinking. You have to start from the target group’s needs instead of communicating about yourself and your products. Instead of planning and implementing campaigns, you must plan to continuously create relevant, engaging content.

This often requires new skills. Sometimes it requires more than that.

Which roles are required for content marketing?
More and more companies are organising their marketing department to work as an editorial department. Yet which roles do you need, and what skills are essential? Do you know the three main areas of content marketing?

3 workflows to improve your content marketing
To succeed with content marketing, you need a well-functioning workflow. To have an effective process in place saves you time, money and resources. In this article, you’ll learn about three workflows that make your content marketing efforts more effective over the long haul.

A content marketer’s toolkit
The smart and savvy content marketer has tools to build an audience, generate ideas, evaluate and analyse content effectiveness, as well as managing and collaborating on different projects. Which tools do you use?

Creating the right content, for the right audience, at the right time
Many marketers have difficulty creating the right content for the right audience. They aim too broadly and miss the target. By creating unique content for a narrow audience, you can become an expert in your industry.

How to create unique content for the right audience
A lot of content does not stand out, disappears in the stream and creates no clear effect. Poor visitor statistics, non-existent engagement and low opening rates are unfortunately an everyday reality for many marketers. Yet it doesn’t need to be this way.

What can Ricky Gervais teach you about content marketing?
Ricky Gervais is one of the world’s top comedians and actors. But what can he teach us about content marketing? A lot, actually.

How to create an irresistible newsletter
One subscriber is worth a thousand likes. But why should your clients subscribe to your particular newsletter? In this article, you get tips on how to make your newsletter irresistible.

Kvart’s triangle: How to create better video
Video content plays a big role in the future of content marketing. But how can you create better video? David Kvart, the Head of TV production at Spoon, presents three important tips in his triangle.

How to take your content marketing to the next level
A content brand is a brand that thinks, functions and acts as a media company. It builds a loyal audience and creates long-term business with the help of engaging content. But how do you become a content brand?

10 companies that successfully created content brands – here’s how they did it!
During the coming year, the wheat will become separated from the chaff. Some companies will fail with content marketing. Others will become content brands. Here are some companies that are leading the way.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn – what happens next?
This summer, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars. The trend of buying an audience is nothing new, but it is another way to build up your content brand.

Campaigns or content marketing?
There is a fundamental difference between campaign-based marketing and content marketing. Campaigns provide fast results while content marketing builds trust and loyalty over time. Most companies need both campaigns and content.

Measure correctly and succeed with content marketing
Engagement is more important than scope when working with content marketing. You have probably heard this many times, and it is of course true. But how do you measure engagement in the right way? And is there really a right way?

Thanks for a wonderful year
We want to thank all readers who have attended our breakfast seminars and participated in our courses throughout the year. We plan more educational meet ups next year and look forward to seeing you then. Spoon Academy wishes you a happy new year!