Spoon Academy Tailored is a customised course where your company's challenges are in focus. We design the training you need.

Spoon Academy Tailored

More and more companies have realised that relevant, interesting and engaging content can create long-term and loyal customer relationships, engage different audiences and lead to increased sales. But how do you tell the right stories, and how do you succeed with content marketing?

Spoon Academy Tailored is a customised course where your company’s challenges are in focus. We design the training you need based on strategy, story building and distribution. We use proven theories and Spoon’s own models to tackle problems in joint workshops.

Some examples of questions that our courses can answer:

  • What is content marketing and why should we use it?
  • How do we convert a brand’s vision and mission into a platform for content?
  • How can content marketing reflect our brand promise?
  • How do we map out our target audience in order to understand their needs?
  • How can we make use of our target audience to spread and improve our content?
  • How do we find stories that are relevant to both the brand and the target audience?
  • How to create content that truly engages?
  • Which components are required for successful mobile content?
  • How to create content that supports and responds to the search behaviour of the target group?
  • How to work with structured idea generation?
  • How to make a tactical plan for content distribution?
  • How should we use paid media for content distribution?
  • How do we use Google algorithms to better effect?
  • How do we make a channel plan?
  • How to measure the effect of Content Marketing?

Method and arrangement
Each part of the course consists of insights, exercises and reflection. Using new insights and models in the workshops, you the course participant receive hands-on experience and increased understanding. Through reflection, we deepen knowledge and make it workable.

Who is the course directed towards?
Spoon Academy tailors training to all types of businesses and organisations. We start by considering your challenges and abilities, designing a course that responds to the questions that you have. We can design short, intensive courses or longer series of lectures and workshops.

Course coordinators
Our courses are designed by employees at Spoon who have extensive practical experience in content marketing and arranging workshops. Based on your needs, we put together a team of course leaders to suit each course.

Please contact Björn Owen Glad to discuss the type of course that suits you. Björn is in charge of Spoon Academy, has extensive experience in content marketing and is a lecturer with international experience.