The other day the news went public that Spoon acquired the British agency Southerly. The news have been accepted with cheer on both sides of the ...

Spoon in the UK – why?

The other day the news went public that Spoon acquired the British agency Southerly. The news have been met with cheer on both sides of the North Sea. But what has Spoon got to do in the United Kingdom?   

Spoon has entered yet another market with the acquisition of Southerly. Why would a well-established communications agency in the Nordics establish itself there? Is it just a whim, some hubris that it’s cool with a London office or are there solid business grounds for this move?

I won’t deny that for me personally it’s long been a dream – but it’s also something that has become more and more strategically important in many ways.

For starters, Spoon’s clients are to a large extent global companies where the Nordics would be a relatively unimportant market, if it wasn’t for the headquarters that are situated here. Many major companies have London as their communication hub for the European market. This is in part due to the fact it’s an important market, and partly because there are many great agencies there. In addition, English is often the company language for most large European businesses.

Considering the reaction of our clients, this is absolutely right from their point of view – and that’s what matters most. Suddenly, we have an even greater access  to skilled content makers with English as their mother tongue, which is increasing in demand.

Brutal competition

The competition among London agencies is brutal, which leads to a strategic and creative excellence that we are, and need to be, a part of. I think it will help us to keep us on our toes and to challenge the entire organisation both creatively and strategically.

Scandinavian creators also have a very good (and well-earned) reputation in London. Southerly has every opportunity to include resources from our Nordic offices in their pitches and assignments. From day one.

The exchange between the offices and across borders is something that I notice every Spoon employee appreciates. If it’s been exciting to be part and work in the Nordics – it’s even more exciting to help with assignments and pitches in London.

All in all, this puts us in a more attractive position. Both from a client perspective (which always matters most) and when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talents. That’s why I’m very pleased that we’ve found each other – Southerly and Spoon.

We are passionate about the same things. We’re convinced that stories from the real world build brands in a time of transparency and consumer power. Which is why this business deal is more like a fusion than an acquisition.

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