‘Is the future of content marketing in video?’ ‘How can we create better videos?’ ‘What are some of the most important video trends?’ We get ...

3 resources for successful video production

Is the future of content marketing in video? How can we create better videos? What are some of the most important video trends? We get asked these questions all the time, and while the answer is often the same (‘it depends’), there are a few overall things you should consider when producing and distributing your video.

You might have noticed that we’re all about video here at Spoon Academy. Last week, we wrote about the crucial role of explainer videos to improve the performance of your content, especially when it comes to your support articles and product pages. This week, we’ve put together three resources to help you succeed at making better video.

How to create better videos

Are you ready to make better video with the help of proven tips from our TV experts? In this article, we introduce you to a 3-step storytelling framework. Together they help you produce better video content.

5 tips to succeed with your next Facebook video

Every day, we consume more than one hundred million hours of Facebook video. Audiences yearn for videos, but the battle to earn their attention is tough. How can you create stories that put an end to the scrolling? This article shares five tips on how to succeed with your Facebook video.

Key takeaways from SXSW

Mats Michael Olsen and Torfinn Solbrekke visited South by Southwest and came back with some key takeaways that they share in this blog post. One of the most interesting trends they discovered was the need for companies to find an appropriate context for their products and services.

How could video support your business?

That’s the question you want to ask yourself right now. When done right, video serves your audience and builds trust. Video could support your business in numerous ways, ranging from your hero content all the way down to your hub and help content (remember those support pages?).

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