Today more or less all companies work with sustainability. This seminar is targeted to companies that seek to improve their sustainable ...

Breakfast Seminar: Sustainability in Focus?

Today more or less all companies work with sustainability. How do you communicate your sustainability efforts? This seminar is targeted towards those who want to succeed in communicating about sustainability, and offers practical tips on how to communicate sustainability reports in practice.

New regulations, digital trends and the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development, will all affect how your company needs to communicate your sustainability efforts in the future.

To have a real impact, the production of a major report needs to be supported by a communications strategy. Then it will have a much bigger effect.

What to expect
Over one hour, we will offer trends, inspiration and practical tips on how you can produce and communicate your sustainability reports. Everything from your own experiences to two actual cases: Swedfund and Systembolaget.

The seminars will be held in Helsinki on 22nd April, Stockholm on 28th April, in Gothenburg on 29th April and in Oslo on 3rd May. They are aimed primarily at managers working with sustainability, finance, marketing and communications, and decision makers at medium to large businesses. In the event of a seminar being fully booked, we prioritize those working in the above areas.

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