Spark Conference 2019
Content marketing secrets
18th November 2019

Get ready for 2020: Five ways to measure your marketing impact – insights from Spark conference

The tools are out there, the know-how too. Yet many B2B and B2C companies have trouble measuring the real impact of their marketing actions. Here are some insights on how…
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measure creativity and truth at the conference 2019
Content marketing secrets
16th September 2019

How do you measure creativity and truth? Insights from The Conference 2019

Who decides what creativity is – and how do we measure it? And in what ways can we make sure that images, videos and sound files aren’t manipulated? Those were…
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4th June 2019

Why AI needs more storytelling

Artificial intelligence is the hero of the future, according to Conny Svensson, Head of AI and Digital Transformation at global IT service company CGI. ‘Research shows that by using AI,…
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