we are all made of stories
10th February 2020

10 hot tips for impactful storytelling in 2020

Storytelling is as old as humanity itself, but still our most powerful tool in communication. What is state-of-the-art storytelling for 2020? It is always difficult to predict trends, but some…
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Audio search evolution
Content marketing secrets
27th January 2020

Tech trends for marketers: The audio search (r)evolution

Remember when touch screens were brand new and felt revolutionary? It’s time to adapt again, in a much bigger way. Audio search is growing rapidly with questions simply being voiced…
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spoon blog audio content boom
Content marketing secrets
21st January 2020

The audio content boom – a great time to be creative!

The audio content boom is here, thanks to new tech trends. And the possibilities to be creative are endless. Spoon’s content director Johan Larsson knows why you should pay extra…
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Designing for behavioural change
Content marketing secrets
13th January 2020

Design for behavioural change

When doing content marketing, the ultimate goal is to have an impact on people’s behaviour, so that it turns into a profitable business. Stephen Wendel’s book ‘Designing for behavior change’…
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