11 nominations for Spoon in Svenska Designpriset

Published Sept. 3, 2021, 11:30 a.m. by Jimmy Håkansson

Företagaren, Mönstringshandboken and Årets livräddare are just some of the productions from Spoon that have been nominated for Svenska Designpriset (the Swedish Design Prize). In total, the communications agency has 11 nominations.

In this year's vote for the Swedish Design Prize, which kicks off on 6th September, eleven productions from Spoon have a chance to win in categories such as customer magazines and editorial video content.

“We are grateful that we have such brave and trusting customers, without whom we would not have been able to make such high-quality productions as we have. At Spoon in Stockholm, we have invested heavily in print over the past six months. Print has always been the foundation of our industry and we believe it will continue to be so. In addition, it is obviously great that we have so many perceptive employees in this area,” says Maria Biesterfeldt, agency director for Spoon Stockholm.

Of Spoon's eleven nominations, seven are print productions, while the remaining four are video. Spoon is represented strongly in the editorial content category in particularly.

We see the value of offering an exclusive physical product in a digital environment. Print does not have to be an isolated medium – it can also be an entrance to a digital world. And vice versa. The care we put into Value is much appreciated, and I know that many of our customers have Value at home on their living room tables – like a coffee table book. I see the nomination for the Swedish Design Prize as further proof that this concept works.
Daniel Fagerström, Communications Manager for SEB Private Banking

Nominated print productions:

Företagaren (Företagarna). Category: Editorial – Employee/members magazine

People by PostNord (PostNord). Category: Editorial – Employee/members magazine

Value (SEB). Category: Editorial – Customer magazine

KVM (JM). Category: Editorial – Customer magazine

Mönstringshandboken (Swedish Defence Conscription and Assessment Agency). Category: Information

Grapevine (Hermansson). Category: Editorial – Customer magazine

Skanska Flervärden (Skanska Fastigheter). Category: Editorial – Customer magazine

Nominated productions for video:

Hallå Campus (Umeå University). Category: Editorial

Årets livräddare (SOS Alarm). Category: Editorial

Mellan dröm och verklighet (Microsoft). Category: Editorial

Digitalisering i Göteborgs stad (Microsoft). Category: Editorial

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