3 experts on the employer branding practices that stand out

Published Feb. 21, 2022, 2:37 p.m. by Jimmy Håkansson

Finding talent is one thing. But recruiting them and creating a workplace where they can develop and thrive is another thing altogether. We asked three experts within the People People People network how they attract talent in the communication industry – a business where the competition is brutal.

How do you attract the best talent in a business where everyone is competing for the same people?


Anders Ribba, CEO, PPP

“Our mission as a network is for every employee to have the opportunity to do the work of their lives. For me, this is crucial, and I truly believe it is true. Among other things, this means we say yes by default to new ideas and I believe this is what makes the People People People network stand out and the place to be. If you know what you want to do and have great ideas – this is where they will come true. I think this attracts the most creative and fun people to work with and provides a very creative and stimulating environment.”


Elin Forslund, COO, Trickle

“We believe in building our employer brand from within. If our employees feel a sense of pride, it will be easier to attract talent who share our values ​​and want to be part of our journey. An example of how we live as we learn is our handbook. Most companies have one, but most of the time it is sitting on a drive without the employees knowing about it. Our handbook, which is open to everyone to read on our site, has been developed together with the team to show what it means to be a part of Trickle. It gives candidates an insight into everything, from how we work with Slack to pension systems and why we have meeting-free Wednesdays, even before they click Apply.”


Sara Thun Arodén, CEO, Oh My

“During the 10 years of Oh My, a lot of different strategies have come and gone. But the one thing that remains is our vision of becoming Sweden's coolest employer. We call it Schysst (Swedish for ‘nice’), and it’s a reaction to the advertising industry’s tradition of bad working conditions. Schysst permeates our entire business strategy, and it basically means that we auto-reply yes to all employee initiatives. We have started subsidiaries, new offices, new business areas and challenged the industry with an upgraded collective agreement – all thanks to initiatives from employees.

Schysst has proven to be a way of attracting talent, retaining employees for longer and creating long-term relationships. For us, being nice has become a positive spiral that is financially profitable.”

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