3 voices on the power of print in the digital age

Published June 2, 2021, 11:52 a.m. by Miranda Uribe Höjeberg

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Though routinely declared dead, the print magazine is very much alive and kicking. Just not in the way it used to be.

Today, the print magazine is not for your everyday content. Instead, it has become the definition of premium. We spoke to three print professionals and magazine veterans to understand why print is making a comeback, and how magazines stand out in the digital landscape.

How do you create unique and relevant print content in a digitalized world?


“Communicating through print is effective since it gives the reader a physical experience, which is both impactful and durable. It’s a form of communication where by targeting a more specific audience, you can gain a lot by being nerdy. Lately, we've seen magazines focusing on narrower topics like cultivation, bathhouse culture and personal anecdotes from running — as opposed to high fashion, cars and interior design.”
Anna Gardberg, Senior Editor.


“Appeal to all the senses! What makes print unique for me is touching the material and enjoying the scent of ink. Coupled with great design, the sensory impressions are what make print interesting. Going that extra mile with creative add-ons, like placing your magazine in an exclusive box or hiding foldable ‘easter eggs’ in it, makes all the difference and creates extra value. On the other hand, less can also be more: a clean, more poetic and less shouty magazine cover is often equally impactful. It’s a simple way of making a bold statement about your brand, without saying much at all.”
David Linder, Creative Director.


“Choosing to communicate through print is a statement on its own: it shows courage. I’ve worked in newspaper production for over 20 years now, so of course the printed format is superior in my opinion. Printed content works — in fact, it is as effective as it’s ever been. In today’s high-speed society print becomes the antidote, as it encourages the reader to wind down and take their time. Also, a magazine should be crafted with love and be filled with more or less timeless content — making its lifespan longer.”
Meryem Can Bolin, Business Director.

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