4 trends that will change the game for employer branding in 2022

Published Jan. 31, 2022, 8:59 a.m. by Alva Bergland

In 2022, employer branding will be more important than ever before. A new generation in the workplace, a world scarred by the pandemic, and high demand for transparency will change the way companies attract new talent.

1. Don’t “add” diversity – integrate it!

If you want to attract fresh Gen Z talent you should know that they prefer companies whose brand image reflects their personal values. Inclusion and diversity are key – and merely talking about it won’t cut it! Creating an environment where people with different backgrounds can strive is a win-win situation, writes Forbes. By making diversity a high priority, you will attract the value-driven Gen Zers and build a pipeline of talent.

2. Personalize the employee experience

In a great workplace, employees never feel like replaceable cogs in a machine. The best way to achieve this is to treat all members of the team as unique individuals. According to an article from Talent Works, personalized employer experiences are vital for successful employer branding, and they give helpful examples of how it can be accomplished: “Benefits should feel as though they’re helping your teams and not there for the sake of it, development should be incredibly personal and tailored to your teams’ ambitions, and there should be empathy surrounding paid leave.”

3. Show your ability to adapt

During the pandemic, a lot of workplaces have had to quickly adapt their way of working. Although it has been a struggle, the lessons learned can prove that your company is progressive and dynamic. Show potential candidates your ability to adapt by offering smooth technical solutions and flexibility in the whereabouts of the workplace. Trapping your employees in cubicles is not an option.

4. Everything is employer branding

The most important employer branding insight is that it’s not limited to your campaigns. Today, everything you do and say is employer branding. And more importantly, what everyone else says about you! As The Undercover Recruiter writes, employer branding is no longer something that you can tack onto your company’s image. Web sites such as Glassdoor offer a way for employees to review their workplaces, which is just one of many examples of how the relationship between employer and employee has evolved.

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