4 ways to keep your internal communication alive & kicking

Published Oct. 3, 2022, 7:05 a.m. by Malin Dittmer

As a result of people working from home, internal communication has become a highly debated topic. And it’s a tricky one. So we’d like to offer you four tips on how to keep the internal dialogue alive, and create solid engagement for you and your colleagues.

Explore more channels – internally too

It’s not only external communication that’s in need of more channels. In order to really reach your co-workers, you need to think outside of the intranet box. The intranet is not a place for hanging out – that’s what social channels are for. In other words, be sure to use the entire palette of channels for internal communication. It’s resource effective! And when the job is done, make sure to share the material in other channels as well.

Blur the border between internal and external

A huge part of the material being published for internal use can in fact also be used externally. In many ways, internal communication is a form of employer branding. It’s a space to remind yourself how lovely your workplace really is. Chances are your colleagues will feel the same sense of pride, and maybe even share the content in their private channels.

Dare to be authentic!

Just like your clients, your co-workers will see straight through empty words and phrases. We all know that workspaces aren’t just big smiles and success stories. Which is why it’s important to reflect and discuss challenges and difficulties – both internal and external – the moment they appear. If you are transparent about what’s going on, your co-workers will feel acknowledged and be more understanding. This is even more important during times of crisis or management changes.

View internal communication as an investment

There is no doubt about it, efficient and inclusive communication is crucial for your business. Poor, inefficient or lacking internal communication is expensive! You will end up spending an unnecessary amount of time sorting out misunderstandings, or your co-workers simply won’t be able to find the information that they need. Most importantly, committed and involved co-workers are what will enable you to reach your business goals.

Malin Dittmer, Editor, Spoon

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