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Guide: 8 insights from Content Marketing World – and how to put them into practice

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Ever wonder where the equivalent of Mecca is for content marketers? Really, no? Well, we’ll give you the answer anyway: It’s Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Here you will find the Content Marketing Institute and every year they arrange the world’s biggest content marketing conference: Content Marketing World. Spoon was there and now we’ve put together the eight most interesting insights that you don’t want to miss.

Once a year 4000 visitors from 60 countries – a combination of experts, agencies and clients alike – gather at Content Marketing World to exchange knowledge, learn more about content marketing and future trends:

What’s the next big thing and what do brands have to do already today to make sure they do not fall behind the competition?

During the conference week, a total of 120 seminars were arranged. To put it simply – this is where you need to be to get all the latest insights. But if you by chance didn’t make it – no worries: We’ve got you covered!

In this free guide, we’ve compiled the eight most important insights from Content Marketing World. We’ve also added some of our own expert recommendations to make sure you get that mix of strategic insights and hands-on, practical advice that we’re all so often looking for.

Download the guide below and learn all about:

  • The inhouse boom – this is what your brand has to do to succeed with the transition.
  • Campaigns are dead…? What you have to do to build your brand over time.
  • Voice search – adapt your content for new user behaviours.
  • Podcasts – how to create dedicated listeners!
  • Make ALL content SEO content – create content that the robots love.
  • Artificial Intelligence – streamlining you content production.
  • Millennials – this is how they want to consume their content.
  • Sell with the right content – how your brand can drive sales with content marketing.

This guide is available in both English and Swedish (scroll further down the page if you wish to download the Swedish version).

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