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Content marketing and advertising work best when they work together

By 8th May 2019 No Comments
content marketing and advertising work best when they work together

Today most companies use some form of content marketing. But many don’t understand how they can (and should) synchronise content marketing with traditional advertising.

Few companies replace traditional advertising with content marketing overnight. Often the advertising is not phased out at all, instead both forms of marketing are used in parallel.

At best this works optimally, but in many cases it fails totally. Many companies fail to synchronise traditional marketing with content marketing and thus miss many opportunities.

Often such failures are caused by those responsible for the advertising and content marketing simply not communicating with each other. They sit in different areas and do not know what the other department is doing.

This becomes a major problem when companies are investing heavily in traditional marketing to increase brand awareness without simultaneously enhancing the image of the company with good content. For example, if you mount a broad DM campaign you should also purchase keywords, sponsor social media posts and create content that is interesting and engages the target audience when they google your brand.


Content marketing and advertising work best when they work together, benefitting from each other and working towards the same goal. The time is long past when it was enough to give a brief to the advertising and media agency and then wait for the result. Today the content agency must be involved from the beginning if you want to achieve the best effect and generate new business.