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create bette video

Video content plays a big role in the future of content marketing. But how can you create better video? In this article, we present three important aspects behind a strong video production.

According to Cisco’s report, consumer internet video traffic will grow to 80 per cent in 2019. This is an increase from 64 percent in 2014. Now is therefore a good time for your company to invest in video content and take advantage of this popular medium.

Are you ready to make better videos with the help of proven tips from a TV expert? In this article, we introduce you to the three corners of Kvart’s triangle. Together they help you produce better video content for your company.

1. Character

The character is the first and perhaps the most important part of Kvart’s triangle. Ask yourself: Who is the right character for the video?

Think carefully about who you choose to put in front of the camera. Consider things like context and persona. Ideally, you want to find someone who doesn’t care if he or she is in the spotlight.

The character also has to be relevant for the situation, otherwise the video loses its credibility.

Always choose a character that is best suited for the situation.

Choosing the right character is important because viewers dislike fake and irrelevant appearances. The audience is more likely to exit the video when your choice of character does not correspond to their expectations. In other words, you’ve broken the promise with the audience.

What your viewers truly crave is people they can relate to, or empathise with. In short, they want to look at people with real fears and dreams. Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain Got Talent is a great example of someone who fits this description.

Watch her audition below and notice the audience’s reactions! And maybe even your own?

More than 190 million people have watched the YouTube clip so far: proof that the character plays an important role in your video content!

Once you’ve chosen the right characters for the video, you have to give them something meaningful to do. This brings us to the second corner of Kvart’s triangle.

2. Event

The event is the second corner of Kvart’s triangle. If you struggle to choose a character for your video, start with an event instead. The event could be anything from a conference and a breakfast seminar to an evening mingle or a summer festival.

Good events centre around people, action and tension. They are time-sensitive and therefore provide the audience with a reason to tune in.

Events offer the director with plenty of different characters to choose from. A natural dialogue can also emerge, like why they are there and what they hope to get out of it.

Events are useful because they make sure people do something in front of the camera. The YouTube clip Volvo Trucks vs 750 tonnes shows how an event can be used in video content. Watch it below:

As you can see from the video, good events make people wrapped up in the moment, to the point where they almost forget they are being filmed. It builds up the drama and sustains the suspense.

3. Story

The story is the third and final part of Kvart’s triangle. This might come as a surprise to some (it certainly did to me), but the story usually comes last.

It makes sense when you think about it. It is much easier to unravel the moral of a story when you have a character who has done something meaningful in a relevant situation. All you have to do is to highlight the struggles and obstacles your main character has had to overcome. After that, you have a pool of rich stories to choose from.

Watch Steve Jobs’  2005 Stanford graduation speech for an example of a great story:

Notice how Steve Jobs incorporates characters (e.g. himself, his biological parents), and events (e.g. his adoption, him dropping out of college) to shape the moral of the story and to share his life lessons with the college graduates.

Create better video right now (you can’t afford to wait)

Character, event, and story make up the essential elements of a good video. Together, they leverage the power of the visual medium to produce an emotion that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Try to include at least two of the three corners above, and you are on your way to making better videos that your audience will watch and share.


Create something authentic with great characters within a relevant arena.

Stick to that advice and you will be more than ready for the future of content marketing.