3 digital insights for 2020

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Spoon Malmö’s creative writer and editor Maria Reilly attended the digital conference Internet in Focus (Internet i fokus) in October. These are some of her takeaways…

The digital landscape continues to evolve quickly.

Below are three digital insights that brands need to consider when they’re creating their content marketing strategies.

1. Live for the moment

The times they are a changin’. We don’t go online anymore – we live online.

Many experts claim that the traditional ‘persona’ is dead, arguing that it’s the moments in life that really matter to the customer journey. As a business, you should identify the moments in your customers’ lives where your products or services will come in useful. This is where your greatest opportunities lie.

These moments could be:

  • Moving into your first flat
  • Landing your dream job
  • Getting hitched
  • Starting a family
  • and many other special moments…

When you’ve mapped out the moments that matter, engage yourself and create a unique experience for your customers. And as usual – measure the results and take action. (And repeat.)

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2. Tell a great brand story

Good storytelling shouldn’t be underestimated, and this goes for the story of your brand, too.

Ask yourself what your customers want to hear (if anything) – not what you want to say.

As an in-house agency, it can be tricky to produce unfiltered content without mirroring the internal perception of your brand. That’s why it might make sense to get external input on how to boost your brand.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself how your brand is seen today. And be completely honest with yourself about what you find out. Maybe your brand needs a total reboot? Just remember, great brand storytelling starts with understanding your audience and adapting your message accordingly.

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3. Growth-hack your social media

Did you know your SoMe posts are exposed to about 10% of your followers if you post organically? And if you’re a business, that number is around 2%.

Unfair? Maybe. Worrying? Definitely.

The answer to reaching more people could be to create your own group on, for example, Facebook. Start off by finding the right keywords to target your audience with.

(Team Preem’s Facebook group is a good example, if you’re looking for some inspiration.)

Reddit comes in handy for keeping your ear to the ground on what’s topical. We share things when we care, so don’t be afraid to be a little bit controversial to get an emotional reaction.

Another winning concept is hacks, and posts that can help your audience. Be interactive by asking questions in your group, use memes – and make sure you always have a clear call to action.

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Over to you

Think about how you can turn activities from the online world into the real world. Help your customers share and celebrate specific moments together, where your brand ties in with the story they tell themselves.

A great brand story taps into your customer’s beliefs and desires, helping them to realise their aspirations. Great brand storytelling starts with them, not you.