Download Spoon's guide "The power of print"

Published June 22, 2021, 6:25 a.m. by Wefa Abdusamed

In an everchanging landscape, Spoon has gathered its print experts to find out why print media is having a second coming.

Spoon has put together a guide on the power of print in the digital age. Here are three reasons why print is making a comeback.

1. The real feel

People trust print! It has the ability to convey a rational message while leaving a lasting emotional impression. Not only due to its more tangible feel but also print is a final product. In print there is no going back, no edits – which in today’s digitalised society of “re-writes” is greatly appreciated.

2. Screen fatigue

The sheer fact that we work, hang out and even relax via our screens has caused “screen fatigue”. This has been accelerated by the current pandemic, where everything is experienced through our computers and phones. Some proactive brands have picked up on this and chosen print content in order to provide a more relaxing, quality experience for their customers – and a digital break.

3. Print stands out

Digitalisation has not only led to screen fatigue. It also makes print stand out. In a world where everyone rushes to digitalise everything, magazines have become a great way to stand out from the crowd – offline.

In today’s high-speed society print becomes the antidote, as it encourages the reader to wind down and take their time. It’s an exclusive way of communicating with your readers.
Meryem Can Bolin, Business director at Spoon.

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