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The seven steps to putting successful employer branding into practice [FREE GUIDE]

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With candidates wielding significant power in the job market, finding the right talent can be a challenge for employers. But did you know that a creative employer brand strategy can have a huge impact on how candidates view your business? Stu Elleray investigates.

Struggling to hire the right people? Tired of underwhelming CVs and pushy recruiters? Chances are you’re not alone. According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), ‘…difficulties in attracting the right talent with the right mix of skills in the right location are on the increase. Not since 2008 has the problem been so pronounced’.

Recent research backs this up too:

  • 90% of hiring managers find it hard to recruit (Impartner)
  • 57% say hiring has become more difficult in the last 18 months (Impartner)
  • 70% of businesses struggle to hire people with the right skills (Open University)
  • 75% indicate that recruiting takes longer than anticipated (Open University)
  • The skills gap costs UK businesses £2 billion per year – this includes money spent on higher salaries, recruitment and temporary staffing (Open University). 

And it turns out that even the biggest brands out there aren’t all that good at rising to the challenge. SmashFly Recruitment Marketing reported in 2018 that great swathes of Fortune 500 companies urgently need to improve their content marketing in order to develop, nurture and attract talent – highlighting the fact that content is essential when it comes to telling your brand’s story in the most compelling way.

So whether you’re looking to create a multi-pronged social media strategy or a one-off video that makes people laugh and increases brand awareness, great content can really pay off when it comes to recruitment. And if you’re looking to create content that helps you attract top talent, our free guide on employer branding will give you invaluable insights on:

  • How to create an employer branding content strategy
  • How to identify the requirements of your target audience
  • How to nail your content messaging
  • Where to promote and amplify your content
  • Which brands are nailing their employer brand content today.

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