Five things you need to know about social media in 2022

Published July 7, 2022, 11:08 a.m. by Stina Bergdal, Social Media Creative

Although social media has been around for almost 20 years, it can still feel new and complicated. That could be because the platforms are constantly changing and evolving. But that is also exactly what we love about social media – having to stay-in-know and daring to try new things to remain relevant. Here are five take aways for you to be, and stay, on top of your social media game.
  1. Forget the “ice-bucket challenge”
    The golden years are long gone. As early as 2017, the possibility of attaining great organic reach on Facebook and Instagram started to diminish. Achieving reach today requires a long-term, consistent, and planned platform presence. Working with a social media strategy is a must, and it is equally important to be aware that some posts need to be sponsored to get the desired reach. If you still don’t have a strategy, it is about time to set a framework for what you want to achieve through organic, as well as paid distribution.

  2. Get to know your target audience
    TikTok's success prompted Instagram to develop Reels, and YouTube to launch YouTube Shorts. When the channels and platforms have similar functions, the user’s emotional connection to the channel becomes an important factor. How the users define themselves determines what content they consume and where – rather than the functions of the channel. Therefore, it is more important than ever to keep track of your target audience to create great engagement.

  3. No more Hollywood
    The era of videos with high production value is over – nowadays creating engaging motion media content doesn’t automatically mean a full-scale production of lengthy videos, rather the contrary. Meet your target audience with simple videos and take advantage of the fact that creation is just one click of a button away. It has never been easier to implement videos in your social media strategy. Get inspired by TikTok – a platform where your smartphone’s camera is more than enough to create solid, engaging content. This kind of “simple” content will also align very well with the content that the target audience usually interacts with.

  4. Dare to try something new!
    Due to several changes at Meta, and with some advertising settings disappearing, we’re seeing the return of platforms such as Snapchat and Pinterest. In Sweden, these channels have historically not had the same success as Instagram and Facebook. This is especially true for Pinterest, which has primarily been used by people in creative professions. But the absolute best thing about marketing on social media is the fact that you can always measure your efforts, and to be successful you have to dare to try something new - even when it comes to platforms and channels that are new to you.

  5. Micro, meso or macro?
    Today there are several influencer marketing benefits to using smaller, niched profiles rather than those with hundreds of thousands of followers. As Instagram made the linking function available for everyone, it can even be a good choice to go for profiles with less than 10,000 followers to reach the right audience. Why? Because when the use of the product or service feels natural, relevant, and authentic, it also generates greater brand credibility. Perhaps it’s time to move away from the goal of reaching as many people as possible through influencer collaborations, and instead invest in reaching fewer, but more relevant individuals to increase the awareness of your brand.

Sina Bergdal, Content Creator, Spoon

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