From crisis to value generation

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The ongoing global crisis due to the Corona pandemic will likely affect sustainability reporting for 2020. Spoon’s sustainability team’s top three tips will help kick off your work – right now.


1. Position in sight!

Who do you want to be on the other side of the crisis? The ongoing global situation will most likely re-position brands and have great effects on entire industries. Most likely for a long time.

So, how do you stay sustainable during this challenging time and what is your desired position post-crisis? We believe that the way forward is to identify and communicate your most important actions connected to sustainability, as a company, partner and employer.

The keywords are “what” and “why? These questions must always be answered in all your content – as well as in your sustainability report.


2. Make a plan!

  • Whatever you do – don’t panic. Set a plan for this autumn’s sustainability work – and then start working with your sustainability reporting straight away.
  • Do what you can. There is no need to wait with the stakeholder dialogue and your materiality analysis will almost certainly need to be updated for the 2020 report. Read more about how you can proceed with this work here.
  • Foresight! Look through the process and create a time line. Take the opportunity to create a plan with realistic time frames and include well needed margins.
  • Make sure that your crisis policy is well documented. As mentioned above, we will see major consequences from the ongoing pandemic, which in turn will have an impact on your brand and your entire business in the future. Now is the time to establish the foundation for your future recruitments and sales. Keep track of everything that affects your business – then you have information to work with when it’s time to start with your analysis.


3. Use The Report Check-up!

Still having trouble getting started? The Report Check-up is a tool for long-term impact. Spoon and its partner, the sustainability agency Goodpoint, will analyse your sustainability report and help you make sure your work is more effective.


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Tip: It’s all about partnership!

The holistic view of collaboration is becoming more common – and important. Companies and organisations are now more aware that what they create together will make a bigger impact. What partners do you team up with today? And who would you like to be associated with? Identify your collaborations – and communicate about them.