From Spoon intern to award-winning young entrepreneur

Published July 5, 2021, 7:45 a.m. by Miranda Uribe Höjeberg

As a winner in this year’s title for most “socially sustainable youth enterprise”, Sophia Nabil is leading the way for young entrepreneurs. After her summer internship at Spoon last year, she has realized the value of communication and how to successfully broaden a business network.

Sophia Nabil is 18 years-old and newly graduated from the economic programme at Blackebergs gymnasium. She was introduced to the Spoon Agency during the summer of 2020 through :Part, a company that provides summer job programmes focused on diversity. During her internship at Spoon, she obtained a greater understanding of why communication is a key piece to starting a business and realized why it plays such a big part in society.

During her last year at high school she began working with her youth enterprise “Starta din framtid” – along with co-founders Gabriella Waak and Vide Rubensson Wallin. The ambition is to create a bridge between young students and professional life, in order to reduce youth unemployment. By providing digital, interesting and easy-to-understand material to students, the company strives to increase knowledge of the current labor market as well as the opportunities for further studies.

Knowledge is power

“Our company is aimed towards youth organizations, schools and companies who use and distribute our product to students in high schools. Providing our product leads to young people, regardless of background and previous prerequisites, getting access to vital knowledge on their working field of interest. Knowledge is power – and providing that tool to students is an opportunity for an equal start in life”, says Sophia Nabil.

After Sophia’s internship at Spoon came to an end, she contacted Anders Ribba, co-founder of Spoon and CEO of PeoplePeoplePeople. He has supported her on the journey of starting her youth enterprise ever since.

Sharing for the future

As an advisor, Anders Ribba says he has gained a lot both personally and professionally.

“I have an obligation to share my experiences and knowledge with those who are interested and want to learn,” he says. “At PeoplePeoplePeople we profile ourselves as an entrepreneur-driven, cooperative and community developed company, always looking for more entrepreneurial forces to be involved in creating the future for our agencies. Also, it’s important from a recruitment perspective. We want to ensure that new talents are interested in us and what we do. Simply put – it’s a form of competence maintenance.”

Being an advisor has also been a source of inspiration for Anders as he gets to pick the mind of a young entrepreneur who’s just getting into the industry.

“It is a great way to learn, gain new insights and get inspired. Sometimes the younger generation doesn't realize how much they’ve got to teach us, the ones who've been in the game for some time.”

For Sophia the guidance has been a great opportunity to grow professionally.

“As a young entrepreneur, feeling encouragement and support from a business leader has really boosted my self-confidence, which has influenced the continuing development of our company. Also, I broadened my network through Spoon.”

Sophia Nabil

Sophia Nabil, winner of this year’s most “socially sustainable youth enterprise”, by Ung Företagsamhet.