How a planner can help you grow your business

Published Oct. 11, 2022, 7:17 a.m. by Rui Tenreiro

Have you heard of communication planners, but still don’t quite understand what they do exactly? Rui Tenreiro, planner at Spoon, takes the challenge to explain what he does and why it matters in marketing and communication.

Simplicity is usually the best approach when it comes to most things in life. We tend to want simple solutions and quick fixes. But in 1950, when an American company called General Mills wanted to increase sales of their instant cake mix, they made it more complicated to use. Why?

At the time, analysis of consumer behavior revealed that audiences preferred to engage in the actual cooking of cakes by adding ingredients. So General Mills engaged their target audience in the cooking process by making them add a single egg. The obstacle to the sales was thus turned into a business opportunity, and their instant cake mixes became a success.

Planners identify business opportunities

Strategy is a plan to create value, and strategic planners (or simply ‘Planners’) are trained to identify such obstacles and convert them into valuable business opportunities. But why would clients want to buy strategic services from a creative agency?

Planners help clients make more money

Identifying the obstacle currently standing in the way of growth presents a tremendous business opportunity. Planners are trained to spot these obstacles by identifying valuable insights. Often, there’s no need for costly business restructuring – creative communication can provide clarity and alignment between the business and its customers.

Planners help clients save money

By troubleshooting the right obstacle to growth, planners narrow the scope of the work early on. Internally, planners and client directors work together, combining industry knowledge with problem-solving. When the creative teams begin working, they’re already operating in a very specific direction, saving clients time and money. As a full-service agency, our in-house distribution specialists make sure that the message reaches just the right audience.

Planners prioritize what to communicate

Brand planners help clients stay ahead of the competition, while communication planners serve as a bridge to help align the audience to brands via messaging, without any need for re-writing business strategies. The goal is to cut through the noise by providing clarity, positioning the brand clearly and aligning with audiences emotionally. Spoon has decades of experience applying storytelling to content for government institutions, B2B, and B2C.

In these times of uncertainty, with the specter of recession and the ongoing war in Ukraine, planners help by providing the balance and stability that is needed for everyday life and businesses to continue thriving.

The outcome can be as varied as a playbook, social media campaign or an EVP, so long as it overcomes the communication obstacles.

Rui Tenreiro, Planner, Spoon

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