Crisis communication

How Spoon can help you cope with crisis

By 25th March 2020 No Comments

A lot of communications departments are on their knees right now. The pressure on you is enormous, there are many decisions to be made and the amount of crisis communication to be produced is great. At the same time, as much as half the workforce is absent as a result of illness or because of sick kids at home.

At Spoon, of course, we are also affected by the postponement or change of pace and scope in our customers’ productions and projects. This means that we have both the expertise and the resources to help you during this stressful time.

Here are 7 things we can help you with, in this unprecedented situation:

Live broadcasting and virtual meetings

Are you experiencing relentless pressure from customers looking for answers to various questions? An event you’ve had to cancel? Or perhaps an urgent need to communicate an important message internally?

Spoon can deliver multiple solutions for virtual meetings in both small and large contexts. It  doesn’t matter if it’s ten people or a thousand. We can help you host live broadcasts, show presentations, broadcast pre-recorded video and produce downloadable content for your virtual event.


At Spoon, many of our editors have a background in journalism. They can help you define vulnerabilities and possible risks going forward, research what kind of questions journalists are likely to ask and help you develop a Q&A dossier. As you know, this is an invaluable resource for customer service employees as well as CEOs and other spokespersons.

Spoon Inhouse (or Outhouse) staff

Many employees are now forced to take sick leave or care for sick children while the company’s communication needs just keep piling up. So it might be nice to know that we have editors and writers who are ready to jump in at short notice and cover existing roles. We can do most of what a communications department has daily need for: project management, interviewing, researching, writing press releases, articles, social media posts and producing mobile content. All work can, of course, be done remotely.


In times of crisis, it’s not just your customers who are wondering what’s going on. The need for regular internal updates is also glaringly apparent. One of the best things a company can do during a crisis is to have a calm and confident spokesperson who continuously talks to employees in a transparent way: we know this now, we don’t know this and this is our plan at the moment. An effective way to do this is through video messages. Spoon can come out to you at short notice, film interviews with your spokespersons and deliver the content on the same day.

Secure your brand’s position in the long term

Today there is a focus on crisis communication. And on postponing ongoing productions. However, as most companies will not sell many products in the coming months, it becomes even more important to strengthen your brand in the long term. To achieve this,  it’s important to see the bigger picture and think about what can be done to strengthen both your relationship with your customers and your brand during this crisis? We love to develop simple but creative ideas that can be produced locally and with a short production time that can help to address these areas.

Distribution – reach out with important messages

As always, to reach out with your message, it is crucial to communicate with the relevant target group at the right time. At Spoon, we are experts in digital distribution. We have a whole bunch of digital distributors who can really make a difference in how you target and communicate your content and your messages in these difficult times.

It will get better… in a while!

If you don’t need any of the above, we would at least like to communicate the following message. It will get better – in a while. It’s important not to forget that in these stressful and uncertain times.

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