A guide to becoming an impact-driven company, with the help of great stories

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Sustainability is clearly on everybody’s mind. But how can you take sustainability to the next level in your business? And integrate your sustainability approach in your communication plan?

Companies that don’t work sustainably will most likely not exist in a few years. How you do business has become much more important than it was before. Consumers want to know how your company contributes to a better world.

In a global survey published by Walter Thompson Intelligence, 87 per cent of the participants say they prefer to buy from brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

We live in an age of mindful consumption, where conscious consumers want to buy the change they wish to see in the world.

All change starts with communication. So, companies that take a stand in societal issues will be rewarded – today and in the future.

This guide will go through the crucial process in choosing your most important sustainability issues. It will help you find your core story so you can make a big impact – both for your brand and the world at large.

You’ll learn why becoming an impact-driven company is so important in today’s fast-changing world.

This guide will you show you how to:

  • Strengthen the brand by delivering on your promises (and finding what areas to focus on).
  • Build trust with your customers by addressing the real challenges your industry and company are facing.
    (Hint: Transparency and courage are key.)
  • Develop new strategic partnerships and business opportunities.
  • Attract (and keep) the best talent through the sustainability initiatives your company invests in.

Let us help you find your change-making story…

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