Now hiring: Junior communication specialist with decades of experience

Published Dec. 10, 2021, 7:09 a.m. by Emira Ramic

Are you also looking for a Junior Communication Specialist with senior experience in copywriting, film production, brand strategy and event planning? If so, it might be time to rethink your job requirements.

Our organization is growing by the minute, which is why we need to strengthen our communication department. We’re looking for a recently graduated Junior Communication Specialist with several years of experience in:

  • PR and crisis communication,
  • strategic analysis and creative ideation,
  • video editing and print layout,
  • as well as event planning and social media marketing.

Being a native speaker of three languages, or more, is a requirement. As well as being able to work as efficiently independently as you do in a team. However, the latter isn’t as relevant because you’ll be single handedly solving everything from the global brand positioning to the interior design of the headquarter lounge and snapping employee portraits for the company website.

Hold up! Before you start sugar-coating your resume…

…that wasn’t an actual job ad. But it could just as easily have been. Surely the pace at which our communication landscape is accelerating, putting enormous pressure on both companies and job seekers, hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s left us with job ads that have since long left the stratosphere of logic, and job applicants who, no matter how much they twist and turn their skills, never achieve the employer’s wish list.

This year’s competence mapping, done by Sweden’s communicators, shows an acceleration in competence requirements since the start of the pandemic. Text production, presentation skills, web publishing, video- and image production, as well as social media expertise are amongst the five most requested competences. The contemporary communication specialist is expected to be both a specialist and a generalist. Additionally, one should be comfortable moving seamlessly from PR to audience measuring and targeting, to communication strategy and project management. The description isn’t one of a lone communication specialist. It’s of a full-scale communication agency.

Unrealistic expectations are doomed to fail

The problem is that companies need several capabilities but have the budget for only one resource. It makes for an impossible equation. Thus, the employer ends up dissatisfied with their recruitment, and new hires bust their asses off without a chance of living up to the expectations.

A more reasonable solution than hiring a single competence at 100 percent would be to fill the corresponding full-time position with a flora of resources containing several different top competencies. You could start by giving Spoon Inhouse a call. Because it goes without saying. It’s impossible for one person to fulfill the requirements comparable to an entire agency.