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One subscriber is worth a thousand likes

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one subscriber worth a thousand likes

Content marketing is about creating long-term relationships. Consequently, one subscriber is worth a thousand likes. Building a social media audience is an uncertain strategy. 

Are you spending money, resources, time and energy on creating involvement and attracting social media followers? Are you sure it’s worth it?

Having plenty of followers, fans and likes in social media has long been a vague but widely-used measure of success. Companies invest enormous resources in creating a social media audience, and many have succeeded. However, some have regretted the investment.

The risks of a social media audience

Having plenty of followers and fans in social media may be a good thing, but they are hardly a dead certainty. A simple and unexpected algorithm change can make it expensive to reach your audience, and suddenly the rug is pulled from under your feet.

The most recent example is Facebook, which has made it impossible for companies to reach more than a few percent of their followers without paying for it. Investing money in building a social media audience involves a certain amount of risk.

In the future, most companies will, therefore, focus on creating an audience on platforms which they own and have complete control over, such as e-mail.


Active participation in social media will continue to be an important part of the modern company’s communications, but the number of followers will no longer be regarded as valuable by itself. These channels will primarily be used to channel traffic to sites where the target group can convert using its e-mail addresses.

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