14th October 2019

A guide to becoming an impact-driven company, with the help of great stories

Sustainability is clearly on everybody’s mind. But how can you take sustainability to the next level in your business? And integrate your sustainability approach in your communication plan? This guide…
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marketing strategies for igen
7th October 2019

Why you need to rethink marketing strategies for iGen

‘Generation Z’ or ‘iGen’ (born between 1996-2010) are projected to become the largest market for consumer goods by 2020. Being exposed to technology at such a young age has made…
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agency-client relationship
Content marketing secrets
30th September 2019

4 sure-fire ways to forge a winning agency-client relationship

It’s an age-old question: how can agency-client relationships achieve long-lasting success? What’s the secret to a winning partnership? Spoon London’s head of content Jess Pike investigates.
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digital customer journeys
Content marketing secrets
23rd September 2019

How to survive in a digital storm

'What are our customers' needs - and how can we add value to the customers?' Implementing this leading motto in a digital landscape, that is constantly moving its boundaries, can…
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measure creativity and truth at the conference 2019
Content marketing secrets
16th September 2019

How do you measure creativity and truth? Insights from The Conference 2019

Who decides what creativity is – and how do we measure it? And in what ways can we make sure that images, videos and sound files aren’t manipulated? Those were…
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