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What a dinner party can teach us about social media

By 4th June 2019 No Comments

You are cordially invited to join us for an informal dinner party together with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Imagine that you are attending a dinner party, and the conversation would be the social media posts published by big companies. Let’s eavesdrop on the conversation and see if we get any cues from this dinner party on how not to design a social media strategy.

“The xxxx is the world’s most efficient engine and the fastest-selling engine yet”,* says one guest.

“Big news: we’ve successfully ground-tested our xxx engine”, says another.

“Proud to announce that we have 14 xxxx models with the best A-class energy-efficiency rating.”

And the talk goes on.

“We signed a cooperation agreement today.”

“I have loved working for xxxx, because I have been able to impact so many things and work with some very clever people.”

“I’m proud to announce that we got another order from Asia today.”

So, how are you enjoying the evening so far? How about the conversation? Oh, you are intimidated, bored and even a little hurt?

We completely understand. These guests, although prominent, seem to lack the art of maintaining dinner party conversations.

The pitfalls you need to avoid

Well, for one thing, the guests seem only interested in talking about themselves. That leaves no room for you to chip in with a comment. And no one can accuse you of being a little hurt in that they take no interest whatsoever in who you are and what you are interested in.

The other thing is that they are not personal. The comments they make invites no deeper conversation, putting you at risk of falling asleep before dessert.

The conversation doesn’t tap into any topical subjects either, making it difficult to see a wider purpose.

And finally, as all the big important people are so interested in boasting about their own accomplishments, the atmosphere around the table is not too warm or cozy.

When designing a social media strategy, these are exactly the same pitfalls you need to avoid.

Keep the conversation going

Social media content is all about participating in an ongoing conversation, subtly contributing with your thoughts while still being ferociously interested in what other people have to say.

And the number one golden rule is to remember that it’s really not about you. Never boast, that’s an immediate atmosphere killer.

If you need help with steering your dinner party conversations, you know where to find us!

*The quotes are actual posts from Facebook.