Spoon wins big at Svenska Designpriset

Published Oct. 15, 2021, 10:58 a.m. by Jimmy Håkansson

At last night's award ceremony for the Svenska Designpriset, Spoon took home four awards – more than any other participating agency.

“Many years of close cooperation between us and our customer has created a trust that allows us to test new ideas and make room for the story. Here are two examples that prove that we have found the right formula,” says Erik Wannelid, account manager, who won both gold and silver in the category of film editorial with the films “Arbetsterapeuten Mahvin” (“Occupational Therapist Mahvin”) and “Mellan dröm och verklighet” (“Between dream and reality”) for Microsoft.

“It requires for a brave client who dares to go all the way with story-driven films. That is why we are so incredibly happy and proud that, together with Microsoft, we managed to create authentic and touching stories,” says Lars-Petter Steen, producer and director of the films.

It has been a strong year for Spoon when it comes to design. In addition to four awards – two gold and two silver – Spoon was nominated in 11 categories.

“I know that we maintain a consistently high level of creativity in our productions. But it's always fun to get an acknowledgement that we are doing the right things, with the right clients. And these wins in the Design Prize are further proof of that,” says Maria Biesterfeldt, head of agency for Spoon Stockholm.

Spoon’s winning productions

  • SEB Value – Gold in the category of customer print magazine.
  • People by Postnord – Silver in the category of staff/members print magazine.
  • ”Arbetsterapeuten Mahvin” (Microsoft/Göteborgs stad) – Gold in the category of film, editorial.
  • ”Mellan dröm och verklighet” (Microsoft) – Silver in the category of film, editorial.
SEB Value

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