The awards shower continues with five nominations for the CMA

Published Oct. 26, 2021, 11:54 a.m. by Jimmy Håkansson

Spoon is shortlisted in five different categories in this year's CMA – The Content Marketing Awards. Among the shortlisted entries are People by PostNord, which won silver in the Svenska Designpriset and was recently nominated for the Publishingpriset.

The Nordic staff magazine People by PostNord is one of the shortlisted entries for the International Content Marketing Awards, in the category of Best use of print. The announcement came shortly after last week's silver in the Svenska Designpriset (Swedish Design Prize) and the nomination for the Publishingpriset (Publishing Prize).

“Our mission with the magazine is to praise all the unsung heroes who every day make sure we get our packages and letters. We do it through compelling photos and personal stories, and it is incredibly rewarding that our ambition with People by PostNord is noticed in this way,” says Malin Dahlberg at Spoon, who is the magazine's editor together with Robert Långström.

Hat-trick for People by PostNord

People by PostNord is published twice a year, in five languages, for the company's 30,000 employees. The magazine's editor-in-chief Malin Nordén, Head of Brand & Communication PostNord Group, is very happy about the triple nominations that so far has resulted in a silver award.

“The purpose of People by PostNord is to create a sense of unity and convey what is happening within the group, by telling the stories of our fantastic employees. That our readers appreciate the magazine is most important for us, but it is also encouraging to be noticed in this way, not least for all of us who work with the magazine. Thanks to everyone involved,” says Malin Nordén.

"Believe in the story"

Another Spoon contribution is the video “The New World of Work”, which has been developed with the client Microsoft and is shortlisted for the Best Video Series category.

“The secret lies in believing in the story, and together with the customer go all the way. That is how we succeed in reaching the target group, building commitment and driving business,” says Lars-Petter Steen, video producer and director.

The award ceremony for The Content Marketing Awards 2021 starts November 25.

Spoon’s shortlisted productions:
  • “We want more” (Skanska) – Best Specialist.
  • “Little things. Big difference” (Preem) – Best Consumer.
  • “People by PostNord” (Postnord) – Best use of print.
  • “Emma saved her children from the flames” (SOS Alarm) – Best video – individual.
  • “The New World of Work” (Microsoft) – Best video – series.