“The magazine’s content is timeless”

Published June 15, 2021, 7:13 a.m. by Miranda Uribe Höjeberg

SEB Private Banking is investing in Value, an exclusive annual magazine, to capture and retain the attention of its target group. Daniel Fagerström, Global Marketing Business Partner at SEB Private Banking, talks about the importance of being able to hold a message in your hands.

Why does SEB use a print magazine to reach its target group?
“We went from making a traditional customer magazine to a more high-end print experience. We have used print for many years and in the past our magazine was published quarterly. From last year, we chose to optimize the customer experience by investing in an annual magazine. This has allowed us to focus on content and budget. We are now investing in a higher quality publication that summarizes the year.”

How has the design changed with this renewed investment in Value?
“The magazine’s content is more timeless. It is a way to communicate to our customers where we are going and what expertise we possess. Value contains evergreen material and requires a very high level of editorial work. We see Value as a value concept.”


Has print made a comeback?
"Yes, I think so. In a digital world, where we are bombarded with information at the touch of a button, we want to stop and enjoy the silence – without banners that interfere. We want space for something physical, a place where we can stop and read at our own pace – without waves of involuntary impressions."

What's the next step for
"We are working on a physical magazine that takes a more 'long term' perspective, supplemented by a digital monthly newsletter – in the same style as Value. The ambition is to add another complement in the form of a Value program: a broadcast where we meet guests and talk about the topics we touch on in the magazine.”


What benefits are there when communicating through print?
“Most things are communicated digitally. We see the value of a physical publication in a digital environment, as it is something exclusive. Being able to keep the written word, and our message, strengthens our communication. The care we put into Value is appreciated. Many of our customers have Value at home on their living room table. Like a coffee table book. This makes us visible in customers' homes, which is another plus.”

How does SEB work with communication through print and digital channels in symbiosis?
“At Value, we use seamless interactions between the digital and the physical. Unique events or digital conversations that we communicate in Value are linked to QR codes that then lead the reader from the magazine to the digital. In this way, the customer is given access to new content in our digital channels – via print. It is a way of working where the analogue and digital talk to each other. Print does not have to be isolated, it can be an opening to digital. That part is extra important for our older customer groups.”

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We went from making a traditional customer magazine to a more high-end print experience.
Daniel Fagerström, Global Marketing Business Partner at SEB Private Banking