The Report Check-up: For long-term impact

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Spoon and our partner, the sustainability agency Goodpoint, analyse your sustainability report and help you make your work more effective.

The Report Check-up is a quick, practical and useful analysis of your sustainability report. Are you focused on the most important topics? What can you improve? What hidden potential can you release?

How it works:

An expert team from the communications agency Spoon and the Goodpoint sustainability agency analyse your sustainability report and provide concrete, useful suggestions on:

  • Your sustainability focus. Are you focusing on the most important topics?
  • Improvement opportunities in reporting.
  • Communication potential: Internal and external.
  • Business development opportunities.

The most important opportunities in these areas are delivered in the form of a short report. We focus on 3–5 clear improvements to act on.



The Report Check-up: Increase the potential of your sustainability work


SEK 28,000


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