Three video trends you should focus on right now

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video trends

Immersive, interactive and temporary. Are these the keywords that will define video content for social media going forward? 

Based on tendencies and technology that are already out there, Oslo’s creative director of video, Mats Michael Olsen, has looked at the crystal ball and found three distinct video trends that have the potential to take off.


Yes, I know. VR and 360 have been on everyone’s lips and in several trend reports in recent years, but this year I believe that the available technology will break through.

In 2018, Oculus Go was launched. The VR glasses work well without the need to connect to a computer, plug in a phone or hook you into wires. Suddenly, VR headsets were made available to people, and priced sensibly. This means that there is an audience for your VR content. Experiment now, to win their hearts.

Immersive content is the umbrella term for this type of content. The way most of us have consumed this so far has typically been through a 360 film in our Facebook feed, where we clumsily spin the perspective on a small screen. This is, however, far away from an immersive experience.

The analysis company IDC predicts that VR/AR headsets sales will skyrocket during this year, and I would not be surprised if VR headset soon is as common as a toaster.

Interactive and functional video

I am sure that in 2019 video will give the audience more opportunities for interaction. For example, videos will be more clickable: click on the garment in the movie and add to the shopping cart. Click on the wall and see which paint is used. Click on the bird to learn more about the extinct species Dodo.

The possibilities are endless and together these will position video as a powerful tool used further down the marketing funnel. With so much functionality, it will be easier to link video directly to conversions, and that’s great for everyone.

Check out this showreel from British Wirewax, where they share a few clever, interactive and functional video solutions:

Which interactive elements will you try in your next video?

Temporary video

In 2016, Instagram stole some good ideas from Snapchat’s garden. Instagram Stories was launched, and people loved it. In the first year, Instagram Stories had 200 million daily users, and today the figure is over 400 million. This development is proof that the audience likes to consume content in the moment.

Marketing guru and LinkedIn Boss Gary Vaynerchuck has already predicted that organic reach on Instagram will fall sharply. He recommends marketers to strike while the iron is still hot and make lots of good content now, so they can grow a following before it is too late.

In the past six months, Instagram Stories has also been a relatively cheap channel, where the price of impressions has been low. Low prices and a solid fan base are a powerful combination. Instagram Stories also has a real and genuine feel, making it easier for many to produce content that truly works. Do you have a good plan for Instagram Stories? You should.

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