What is a playbook? And why do you need one?

Published Nov. 2, 2022, 11:04 a.m. by Rui Tenreiro

As a communicator or a marketeer you have most likely heard of playbooks. It turns out, it's not just a new buzzword for communication strategies. Spoons planner Rui Tenreiro explains what a playbook is, and why you need it.

What is a playbook?

A playbook is a tactical document that presents a clear blueprint for how a company expects itself is to operate. It does this by setting standards for strategic alignment, cross-team collaboration, communication, and campaign execution. In this way, the playbook helps by converting a strategic business vision into a practical roadmap. A playbook translates vision and strategy to tactics.

In environments which are subject to change at any given moment, playbooks communicate exactly the same information to everyone, clarifying team roles and responsibilities, resulting in alignment across teams.

Playbooks also reach beyond teams, giving stakeholders an overview of the main objectives and key messages, the assets, templates, and tasks involved in successful operation of the business.

3 reasons why you need a playbook:

Playbooks create a unified business vision

Unless everyone works together towards the same goal, everyone’s measure of success differs. It’s important therefore that a cross-departmental understandings exist for what success looks like. Playbooks work to help establish that unique vision

Playbooks provide consistency and quality across a brand

A brand is the impression created in the minds of consumers or stakeholders, through the result of interacting with communication touch-points. Everything matters — from tone of voice, to look and feel of the brand – both online and offline. And this consistency is made possible via a well-crafted playbook. Even if teams change, new employees can ensure consistency and quality by referring to the playbook.

Playbooks are a money-maker

By streamlining an understanding of what we’re working towards, playbooks generate efficiency, saving time and leading to greater profit. In the end, it all hangs together: the vision, the brand experience, and the business’ operations. At the very least, playbooks prevent loss of time, misunderstandings and profit loss.

How Spoon can help

As an agency with a long experience of B2B brands, Spoon is particularly well-placed to create internal documents that provide consistency of quality and vision across the board. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we can help you with all the steps to your playbook.

Rui Tenreiro, Planner, Spoon

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