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Which roles are required for content marketing?

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content marketing roles

More and more companies are organising their marketing department to work as an editorial department. Yet which roles do you need, and what skills are essential? Do you know the three main areas of content marketing? Björn Owen Glad investigates. 

Working with content marketing requires new ways of thinking. You have to start from the target group’s needs instead of communicating about yourself and your products. Instead of planning and implementing campaigns, you must plan to continuously create relevant, engaging content.

This often requires new skills. Sometimes it requires more than that.

Which roles make up the marketing department of the future?

Whether you are working with a large, resourceful marketing department or a small business, your commitment to content marketing requires that you have certain roles and competencies in place. In his book Content Marketing for all, Pontus Staunstrup and Joakim Arhammar write that successful work with content marketing requires five roles – chief editor, project manager, creator, publisher and analyst.

This is a good analysis, even if it contains a few flaws. Partly missing is a role that takes care of distribution, which is essential in all forms of digital content marketing. The role of editor is also missing  – an editor who, in their daily work with editorial skills and intuition, can find interesting stories, angle them and plan for how they will be told in the best way. This could be the same person as the creator, but they are two different roles.

In this article by Melissa Lafsky Wall, Founder of Brick Wall Media, suggests three roles instead – Content Strategy, Content Execution and Content Integration. This is a reasonable division, though the importance of the content integrator’s work can vary greatly in different organisations. Focus on distribution is also missing here. Too many marketing departments lack the knowledge required to distribute the content in an efficient manner, both in their owned, earned and paid channels.

Three critical areas of content marketing

We see three key areas of content marketing, in which you as a business must have the right skills to succeed. These are:

  • Strategy, analysis and insight
  • Story building
  • Distribution

These three areas are critical, and all are equally important for the success of your content marketing. Who does what, and how many people share responsibility, is a question for later. However, you must have the strategic expertise to develop and be responsible for your content marketing strategy, you need one or more creative editors who can build stories that recipients want, and you must have expertise in the distribution of your content to reach out and create an effect. The person or people who are strategic managers also work with ongoing evaluation, analysis and insight work where the strategy is constantly evolving and improving.


There are different ways to organise your marketing department to work with content marketing – both good and bad. Find the one that works best for your organisation, but remember that strategy, story building and distribution are essential components of every successful investment in content marketing. You must be good at all three parts in order to succeed.

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