National Geographic Nordic

CAR SOS Campaign

The challenge

National Geographic is a brand that needs no introduction. Its audience, across geographies, engages with the brand’s content on social media channels very well.

But when it comes to the Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Denmark,Norway), audience engagement has been very low, primarily because the Nordic markets haven’t produced much content for its local audience. Most of the content posted on the Nordic channels are localised versions of the global promo content pool.

So, when NatGeo’s very popular show – Car SOS – was premiering in the Nordics, the team wanted to make some noise in its local markets by producing four, original videos for four countries and then cross-promoting the localised version of each video across four countries.

The main motive was to activate and engage with its local audience on social media.

Spoon’s challenges were hence two-fold:
1. Produce original content for a local audience with a strong connection to the show, and then localise every video and cross-promote in four countries with a solid distribution plan.
2. Create engagement and conversation with the local audience in all, four countries.

Simply put, we had to produce four videos in four countries, and localise each of them in four languages (so, 16 videos in total), all in a span of two weeks, and then manage the campaign across four countries for a period of one month.

Business objective: Generating awareness and drive viewers to watching the new season of Car SOS.

Marketing objective: Generate video views and engagement for promotional content.

The solution

Creative idea:
Pegging on the concept of the show, which is about two hosts (one master mechanic and the other, a parts manager) restoring vintage cars, we decided to find two talents in each country and give them a challenge to build a vintage car model using local props.

We paired a prop-expert (who knows how to build using props) with a vintage car specialist (who knows a lot about vintage cars) to give the narrative a striking resemblance to the show but still
retain the local touch.

Sweden: Build a model of Messerschmitt KR200 using IKEA materials

Finland: Build a model of 1969 Buick Electra 225 Convertible using ice

Denmark: Build a model of Opel Corsa A-model using bicycle parts

Norway: Build a model of Renault 4 from 1980 using wood

The idea was unique because the props, the talents, and the language (in which the videos were produced) were all local. More importantly, it was an interesting challenge that most viewers would wait to see the outcome of.

All the four videos (90 secs each) displayed a heightened sense of urgency and intrigue, which, as we had planned, caught the viewers’ attention.

Spoon then localised all the videos, wrote social media posts for each video, and promoted them across all four countries. Designing a comprehensive distribution plan was key to managing the campaign mainly because we ran the risk of getting the multiple premiere dates and publishing dates of various local versions, mixed up.

When published on Facebook, the engagement was high. People were liking, sharing, and commenting on the videos. The videos managed to start conversations on NatGeo’s FB pages, where people were tagging each other and talking to one another in the commenting thread. Perfect engagement!

Spoon’s videos for Car SOS campaign turned out to be one of the best NatGeo campaign promos with original content.

The result

This campaign has had over 1,3 million (1 320 287) impressions and nearly half a million video views (460 190).

The engagement rate (post reactions, comments, shares, clicks to play, clicks to watch videos in full screen, clicks to page and/or new follows) was five percent across all countries – with Finland going as high as seven percent.

The magical sweet spot for interaction, engagement or action depends, but generally speaking lies within 3 – 5 times. For this campaign, the overall frequency was in that exact sweet spot: 4,82.

The low costs of CPM and CPV along with organic effect dictated the results. The key of the solid performance for the local videos against their respective native country was budget allocation strategy (80 % versus 20 %).

Goals / guidelines:
Average Cost Per Mille (CPM): 10 €.
Engagement Rate (ER): 2 %.
Video views: 132 000.
Cost Per Video View (CPV): 0,05 €.

Average Cost Per Mille (CPM): 4,84 €.
Engagement Rate (ER): 5,08 %.
Video views: 460 190
Cost Per Video View (CPV): 0,017 €.


5 percent engagement rate on FB across all countries – with Finland going as high as 7 percent.


Cost per video view (CPV).

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