Machine Conversations

The challenge

KONE created a campaign website for the launch of its new service – KONE 24/7 Connected Services. Spoon’s mission was to raise awareness about the launch and draw traffic to the campaign website.

The aim was to engage the audience and invite them to hear the real-time machine conversations hosted on KONE’s campaign website. Knowing our challenge, Spoon set out to devise a distribution strategy.

Within the 17 days’ campaign period, the following goals were set:

The number of unique visitors to the campaign site: 24,500.

The unique visitors from social media paid promotion: 7,700.

The click-through rate (CTR) from main page to Live Conversation page: 35%.

The video start rate: no less than 10%.

The solution

Spoon was KONE’s distribution partner in this campaign. Spoon’s team planned and executed the 17-day campaign by creating supporting content pieces. We devised a plan to reach the target audiences via KONE’s social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The distribution strategy took owned, earned and paid audience into account.


We incorporated various types of content pieces into one performance-oriented B2B campaign. We streamlined the attention-driven storytelling by introducing a carefully-designed distribution plan, which divided the campaign into three phases: Peak 1, Peak 2 and post-campaign.

Social media ads were purchased in Peak 1 and Peak 2 to attract attention and gain momentum for audience growth. These ads were tested and optimised to achieve the highest effect. By using teasing content and infographics, Peak 1 used 8 days to focus on creating social buzz which drove social media users and online media outlets to spread the word about the launch.

In Peak 2, we added explanatory content to the campaign site and used blooper videos as social media adverts to offer the audience a glimpse of the machine conversations.

After the 17 day’s paid promotion, organic social media posts introduced the newly-published feature articles on KONE’s website. By reading those texts, KONE’s audience, particularly the new followers acquired, could have a more comprehensive view of the concept, mechanism, and people behind KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services.

The result

During the 17 days’ social media campaign,

44,000 unique visitors have visited the campaign site. The visitor number is 77% higher than the set goal. 54% of the visitors came from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

• 13,909 visitors were acquired by the paid promotion, accounting for 32% of the whole traffic. This number is 81% higher than the set goal.

• Among the 23,628 visitors from social media, 59% of them were the outcome of the paid promotion. Facebook was the primary source of the paid traffic. 14% were from KONE’s own social channels, and LinkedIn was the biggest contributor.

27% of the visitors resulted from earned visibilities from all kinds of social channels. For example, 59% of the Twitter visits were from neither the organic nor paid distribution on KONE’s Twitter account, but from the earned visibility on Twitter.

• The CTR from main page to Live Conversations page is 58%, ending up being 66% higher than the set goal.

• The CTR from main page to conversation pages increased from 20% to 42%, after the ad optimisation.

• Launch video start-to-watch rate: 12%, watch-to-the-end rate: 52%

• Explanatory video start-to-watch rate: 19%, watch-to-the-end rate: 24%

Some examples of media reports:

USA Today: Need some soothing? Listen to elevators talk.  

Quartz: Listen to internet-connected elevators talk about how their day’s going

Interempresas: Kone revoluciona el mantenimiento de los ascensores gracias al Internet of Things

Revista Byte: Internet of Things ha llegado a los ascensores 


Unique visitors that visited the campaign site, 77% higher than the set goal.


Visitors acquired by the paid promotion, 81% higher than the set goal.


Total reach of the social media campaign.


Total engagement.

Awards and nominations

Spoon Helsinki and KONE won Gold in the category Best Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction for Machine Conversations.

Spoon Helsinki and KONE were nominated in the category Best Distribution for Machine Conversations.

Spoon Helsinki and Kone were nominated in Swedish Content Awards 2017 for Best Industry/Manufacturing/Energy and Best B2B Communication.

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