Swedfund’s integrated accounting is moving towards creating more engagement.


From financial institution to making a better world

The challenge

Since Swedfund’s integrated accounting was launched in 2013, one of the objectives of the editorial communication has been to move from accounting to create engagement. Other objectives have been to switch from print to digital, deliver interaction rather than information, and to change the image of Swedfund from financial institution to a development financier, well-established in the fight against extreme poverty.

Swedfund are on the right road with a number of these issues. In connection with the 2014 accounting report, hållbartföretagande.se was launched. The dialogue with civil society and politicians has intensified. Swedfund has in the last year received positive media attention for their efforts. Yet there is more to do …

The solution

Engagement is created in the target audience by highlighting real stories about the people who Swedfund make a difference to. This will in turn generate a proliferation of the main message. In connection with the 2014 report, an updated version of hållbartföretagande.se was launched in 2015. On the site, real stories will be published to spread via newsletters and social media. Communication will show how investing in a company creates opportunities for people.



The result

Commitment to the aid issue has increased since 2013. Anna Ryott took over as CEO of Swedfund at that time, and the Minister for Development Assistance Isabella Lövin, who has been in the post since 2014, is happy to talk about Swedfund. Meanwhile, Swedfund’s cooperation with both Scania and H&M in recent years has received considerable media attention. This, combined with integrated accounting that won awards and also launched digitally, meant that both awareness and positive attitude towards Swedfund increased.

Today the involvement of the target group is larger than before. This is enshrined in Swedfund’s own brand survey. When the cold winds blow across Europe and the refugee crisis is an ongoing fact, there is a commitment that Swedfund is focused on meeting their communications challenge ahead – to show that Swedfund is a major aid operator with a mission that gets results.


Spoon and Swedfund won bronze in the Corporate Social Responsibility category at Pearl Awards in 2016 for their work with Swedfund’s integrated report 2015.


From 2014 to 2015, awareness of Swedfund's activities increased by 100 per cent.


Since 2013, the number of Swedish citizens who have a positive image of Swedfund rose from 8 per cent to 20 per cent.

Swedfund is the Swedish state’s development financier. Their goal is to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable business in some of the world’s toughest and most interesting growth markets.

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