LilleGo’ – Sweet ‘n’ small

The challenge

Every grocery store wants to own the young parent segment and form their shopping habits – but owned brand skepticism is high when choosing products for the little ones.

KIWI needed to overcome skepticism, change existing search patterns and build lasting relationships.

Our job was to provide the content which would help KIWI reach their goal. Commercially, the aim was to:

– Increase market share from 25% to 40% for own brand diapers within the KIWI system.
– Stop the leakage to other retailers, and
– Build strong and long-lasting relationships with the chosen target audience.

The solution

The campaign took place on several channels and a multi-disciplinary communications strategy was used, with the aim to reach everyone within the young parent segment.

The strategy combined traditional advertising, PR and content marketing in an attempt to get digital and analogue channels working together and provide synergy effects. A brave decision was made to focus on the dad, but to include mum, in the campaign.

Spoon’s contribution in this campaign was to produce and test content that would make parents less skeptical towards the LilleGo’ products, increase diaper sales as well as establishing longterm relationships with the parent group.

Spoon produced a number of strategic videos that were launched on the site and in social media. One video documented the product quality, whereas other videos interviewed parents about the experiences with the product. Fun video clips showed dads trying out different activities with their children, which was well-received on the web. Our influencer ”Super Daddy” used and talked about LilleGo’ in his own channels. All content was search engine optimised and focused on retargeting in order to maximise engagement with the target group.

To develop the audience relationship after the launch, we chose to add another dimension to the campaign. KIWI’s loyalty program (PLUSS) gives new members who register their payment card a 15% discount on fruit and vegetables – and a 1% discount on everything else. Parents-to-be who have registered the due date got a free diaper bag with products from LilleGo’. This made it possible for KIWI to offer parents relevant content from birth and onward, thus deepening the relationship with this important target group.

The result

The campaign was a success and saw KIWI’s own brand share surge from 25% to 47,3%.

KIWIs total market share went up by 6% points, and Lillego’ ended up #1 on search!

All 25.000 diaper bags made in the first batch were gone after five months – and that’s in a country where only 60.000 children are born each year.

KIWI scores higher than any competitor in terms of customer perception on price and quality.


KIWI's own brand share surged from 25% to 47,3%.


KIWI's total market share went up by 6% points.

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