Sandvik Coromant

Looking Ahead 4: Tomorrow’s Materials

The challenge

Sandvik Coromant wanted Spoon to increase the amount of film views for Looking Ahead 4: Tomorrow’s Materials, raise awareness and engagement in their own channels around resource scarcity and the necessity of using sustainable materials in the future of manufacturing. But how could it be done?

The solution

Together we came up with a focus point for the content – The Graphene Challenge. The Graphene Challenge was a global innovation competition aimed primarily at engineering students. In addition as supporting content:

Two landing pages on (Looking Ahead and the Graphene Challenge)

Two feature articles: “The age of new materials” and “A materials revolution”

Infographics: The age of new materials

Social media posts with articles, films, infographics, a GIF, images, as well as related content.

The campaign ran in 20 different languages.

All content pieces were designed to meet the needs of specific target groups and were carefully planned, executed, and curated. A global competition was not only newsworthy and innovative, it also offered ample opportunities to produce engaging content in Sandvik Coromant’s own channels.

The campaign also included PR efforts to identify and connect with influencers, niche blogs, sites and magazines to further increase awareness and engagement.

The result


The campaign for Looking Ahead 4 created both awareness and engagement in Sandvik Coromant’s own channels.

In total from all the channels The Looking Ahead 4 film received 160,630 video views, not counting the snippets. This was a huge improvement compared to earlier films, which also saw a boost in viewership.

Furthermore, the engagement for the corporate Facebook account had never been that high, average organic likes (excl. paid promotion) numbered around 60, previous to the campaign.

One post that promoted the Graphene Challenge had about 48,852 likes in just a few weeks. A post promoting the materials infographic got almost 32,000 likes. A photo with Mark Miodovik got 11,029 likes.

The campaign created 162,850 engaged users and the total amount of Facebook impressions were 3,478,823 (June 2016). The organic impressions globally was 264,895.

“This was by far our most effective campaign to date on Facebook with significantly higher reach and engagement than any other campaign we have run in the past.” — Faina Sandler, Global Content Marketing Specialist, Sandvik Coromant. 

The Graphene Challenge earned international press coverage and buzz in social media. It also resulted in potential future collaboration with the newly opened Graphene Institute in São Paolo, as well as close collaboration around the challenge with Graphene Flagship at Chalmers in Gothenburg.


Video views on all channels (June, 2016), not counting the snippets.


Number of engaged Facebook users.


Stories created about Sandvik Coromant on Facebook.

Recent Awards


Sandvik Coromant and Spoon won gold in the Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction category at Pearl Awards for our work with the campaign.

“This was a multi-platform initiative which hit a ‘homerun’ and should be encouraged to continue along this pathway toward sharing their corporate foresight.” — Jury’s motivation

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