On social media, mentions of Semper and formula increased by more than 700 per cent in the campaign’s first week.


Loving baby formula – a viral success

The challenge

Parents of small children are constantly bombarded with new findings and messages concerning baby food. With so many myths floating around, it is not easy to separate fact from fiction. Semper continuously monitors the latest research so that it can always offer the best and most natural products. In early 2014, Semper wanted to communicate the fact that it had changed all its baby formula and porridge recipes, replacing the controversial palm oil with milk fat, which is shown to have positive qualities.

The solution

Spoon produced the ’Loving formula’ concept. Aimed at Semper’s target audience, the campaign consisted of clear and knowledgeable expertise, but presented in a warm and playful tone that evoked an emotional response.

To create engagement and viral distribution, an Instagram competition and several documentary films with formula-loving children were added. The campaign was launched in March 2014 through Semper’s own channels: Familjeliv, Facebook and Youtube.

Älska välling - Infografik

Give facts and spread knowledge. Spoon created informational material that could be communicated in all channels. 


Engage and inspire. The campaign Loving formula” was rolled out in social media.


Awaken feelings. The campaign was supported by online videos showing children how to make their own formula.


The result

On social media, mentions of Semper and formula increased by more than 700 per cent in the campaign’s first week, and up 133 per cent in week two. The formula films have generated around 100,000 views. Visits to Semperbarnmat.se increased by 55 per cent and the number of unique visits increased by 29 per cent. Followers on Instagram, which started at 0, were almost 1,600 by September 2014. The Semper Club newsletter now has an opening rate of 70 per cent.


Increase in visitors to Semperbarnmat.se


Increase in opening rate of Semper Club’s newsletter

100, 000

Total views of the formula films


Semper is the market leader in children’s food in Sweden, and has developed and sold food for children since 1938. Semper’s products are developed according to nutritional needs, in cooperation with doctors, researchers and nutritionists. Semper includes the companies Semper Barnmat and Semper Glutenfree, with its main focus being the Nordic region.

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